Obedience training is one of the best things you can do for your dog. It not only improves their quality of life, but can also strengthen the relationship and bond that you have with each other. We work closely with our clients to accomplish their goals for their retrievers. Our philosophy is simple ...Teach first and then correct. Our program is based on the Simple Truth, That BIRDS MAKE BIRD DOGS. We customize each dog's program with the owner's goals in mind.

Upland Gundog Program

Level 1 - Basic Obedience
* Here
* Sit/Stay
* Heel
* Problem-Solving - Jumping or Barking
* On Leash,
* Start of intro to Collar Conditioning

Level 2- Advanced Obedience
**Level 1 Off Leash
**Finish Collar Conditioning
**Whistle Sit and Here

Retriever Training
Level 3- Basic Retriever Training
***Proper intro to Gun Fire
***Intro to Birds
***Single Marks on Land and Water
***Force Hold

While in this program dogs are worked in our bird field finding birds daily.

Duck Dog Program

Puppy Program
I take pride in some really creative and fun things we do with puppies at an early age to prepare them for formal training. I believe there are things that we can do to develop drive, mold desirable character traits, and instill a love for training. I can begin to cultivate these attributes as early as 12 weeks old in your puppy. Thus giving you and your pup the best opportunity to achieve your long term goals.

Sound obedience begins early on in the puppies life. I can help you achieve a high level of obedience through a regimented program specifically designed for obedience. I then can spend time with the owners to educate you on the process and give you the tools needed to uphold the new standards for your dogs behavior.

Basic Duck Dog Program
We have a specialized program that will take your dog from the age he/she is ready for formal obedience all the way to being a reliable gun dog you can be proud of and enjoy in the field. This process will go from: obedience, force fetch (ear pinch, collar fetch, walking fetch, force to pile) 3 handed casting, T work, pattern blinds, simple cold blinds on land, water force, swimby, channel blinds, and simple blinds on water.

Your dog will be capable of picking up simple multiple marks and run blinds on land and water. We will familiarize your dog with many of the environments and situations you will come in contact with while on a hunt. Guns, duck calls, dog stands, boats, steadiness, honoring, and all of the aspects of the hunt that will make your time in the field more enjoyable.

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